December 7, 2016


President of the Republic of Argentina

Engineer Mauricio Macri


Dear President Macri:


Given Argentina relies on its agricultural economy as its base, it is traumatic this model is plagued by misuse of agrochemicals. Foreign investors no doubt wonder why there is no authoritative agrochemical-control agency  –  enforcing correct agrochemical use  –  to make Argentine agribusiness sustainable.

As it now stands, and as last month’s media reports continue to reveal (La Nacion, Nov 10 “Preocupación en los médicos rurales por el uso de agroquímicos cerca de los pueblos”  and Telefe, Nov 30 “El uso de agrotóxicos bajo la lupa”)  the damage done to human and animal life is an increasing problem because the state has done nothing substantive to correct the problem, and the current state structure, including Senasa, is fundamentally worthless.

An agrochemical agency – with an independent budget, without need for yearly legislative or presidential approval – would help solve agrochemical abuse, so life is better protected. This will also help those in the agriculture industry who work respectfully, and whose reputations are soiled by abusive peers.

This letter is not a call to abandon fitosanitarios, but a cry for sane use, to make the business sustainable, particularly with respect to human life. Both the Monsanto’s of the world, and the Greenpeace’s should agree with this model. It is a no-brainer.

Here is just one model, from the U.S. State of California:

Please, help both the farmers who want to work in peace, and the human population who want not to be injured anymore, to live in harmony, with the state’s guidance.

Since traceability in agriculture is now a focus and part of a new agribusiness model, Argentina should be showing off its brilliance in agriculture -not hiding in cowardice. Please, make an independent agrochemical-control-enforcement agency here to solve this huge problem, using both your authority as the president of Argentina and as leader of a political party with ample means to do so.



-Christopher Eames Carpenter

DNI 19.013.209